So yeah, is brand spankin’ new — and we’re obviously still under construction — but you clicked on the “About” page, so you want to know where we’re coming from. No problem. Here’s a quick shot: focuses on consumer, technology lovin’ enthusiasts, and we operate from the perspective that Apple has delivered an undeniable string of hit products — MacBook, iMac, iPod, iPhone, Mac OS X, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie — and where those obvious winners end, the company delivers under-appreciated marvels like the Apple TV and Mac mini.

What’s this add up to? A lot of wicked cool products coming out of a single company. The depth and breadth makes it possible to consistently choose well-designed, high-quality products that are a joy to use. That’s why Apple gets so much play at

But we’re not totally blind — Apple doesn’t always make the most awesome and inspiring gadgets, gear, and solutions. What about cameras? Even unabashed Apple-lovin’ fans need something to take photos and videos. What about speakers and home media solutions? Even Apple sometimes has market bombs — remember the iPod Hi-Fi? What about kicking back and shooting some wicked alien ass? The big three consoles are hard to beat for that . . . and besides, they’re evolving into home media centers, and it’s not just Blu-ray, but Netflix streaming, and so much more.

Basically, is for Apple fans who don’t like to limit themselves to Apple. But hey, we’re not snobby — cool tech is cool tech, and the more the merrier. Where it makes sense, where it’s fun, where it’s simply wicked cool, we’re gonna cover it.
Here’s a list of our current categories and their areas of focus:

  • Apple Action — news, industry, people, and the company in Cupertino
  • iPhone-iPod — greatest phone ever, greatest player ever, greatest integrated online media store . . . ever
  • Mac — MacBooks, iMacs, Power Macs, Apple Displays, Mac OS X, Software
  • Camera & Video — the most noteworthy cameras, camcorders, and putting it all together
  • Connected Home — HDTV, audio, rooms, and living connected
  • Console Action — covering the console worlds: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii
  • Gear — covers gear and gadgets
  • Envy — things we wish were designed at 1 Infinite Loop
  • Desirous — tech, design, and gear beyond the Apple world that still inspires Apple-like lust


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