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March 03, 2009 | Chris Maxcer | Comments 0

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I’m a big fan of NBC’s under-appreciated Life,* and I was surprised to see an Apple Time Capsule make a cameo appearance last week.

The episode with the Time Capsule, “Hit Me Baby”, also sported a burned up MacBook Pro, but seriously, Macs have been showing up in TV shows for years. A good many spots are probably product placements that Apple pays for, but hey, if a show wants a wicked cool computer, it’s hard to go wrong with a Mac.

The Time Capsule appears early on, a little more than five minutes into the show.

Officer Stark says, holding up the Time Capsule with the Apple logo clearly visible, “Found this in the closet.”

Captain Tidwell takes one look at it, and says, “Wireless computer backup. Everything on Jerome Raff’s computer will be on here.”

Nice. And accurate, too.

Because Hulu doesn’t have international broadcast rights, it limits broadcasts to watchers to the United States . . . sorry. We know that sucks and wish Hulu could share the streaming love with everyone. Here’s the “Hit Me Baby” episode via Hulu:

*I got hooked on Life with the killer first season — Apple was offering the pilot episode free, so I watched it on my iPhone. I ended up downloading the entire first season via iTunes. Been watching the second season in HD on the HDTV. Life blends quirky humor from a cop, Charlie Crews, who was framed for murders he didn’t commit, spent 12 years in prison, was proven innocent and freed, picking up $50 million from the city that put him behind bars — but Crews went back to the police force to be a detective. Oh, and he’s got a hot partner, Det. Dani Reese. The show blends amusing murder investigations with Crews’ search to find the bad guys who framed him.

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