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Erik Miller is a contributing writer for, as well as an IT project manager for a Fortune 500 tech company. A former Marine, Erik once had to navigate across a desert at night with a broken flashlight. A glowing watch face provided just enough illumination to get the job done -- it's the kind of experience that makes a guy appreciate technology. To contact him, try firstname.lastname@ . . . etc.

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Sony’s Shapely VAIO P Series Netbook Sweet on Size

The netbook market is hotter than ever, and while there’s no Apple netbook in sight, Sony’s VAIO P Series Lifestyle PC is enough to make most anyone pause.

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Get In Line for the New Amazon Kindle 2

There’s a lot to like about the new Amazon Kindle 2 ebook reader — just not the price.

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Add-on USB Monitor Handy on the Go

The Mimo 740 offers easy expandability with a 7-inch touch screen and easy USB connection.

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The Enertia: Not Riding Lighting — But Close Enough

The problem with so many “green” products is their lackluster looks, making the Enertia a pleasant surprise.

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Garmin Forerunner 405 Has Workout Staying Power

The sleek GPS-enabled and heart-rate monitoring Garmin Forerunner 405 sport watch boasts an elegantly cool design, with long-awaited Mac compatibility scheduled to hit this quarter.