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Apple Reintroduces Lust Factor with New iMacs

Over the years, the iMac has gone from bubbly and colorful to slim and shiny. It’s always looked good and has been reasonably compelling, but Apple’s latest 27-inch widescreen iMac with edge-to-edge glass takes the new iMac from cool to downright desirous.

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The Enertia: Not Riding Lighting — But Close Enough

The problem with so many “green” products is their lackluster looks, making the Enertia a pleasant surprise.

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Lusting Over the 2009 BMW F 800 GS

For a fraction of the price of a new sports car, the versatile 2009 BMW F 800 GS can blast out 0-60 in 4.1 seconds — the same as the Ford Shelby GT500KR . . . but for $68,000 less. Why not ride a bike?